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Surface Tension, 1992Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

by 고정삼

Johann Karlsson
Geothermal Spring, Iceland

Marta Malheureux
I look underage.
Anonymous: okok hm I think maybe Anaxagoras? idk most people don't seem to talk about him from what ive seen even though he was pretty important in philsophy becoming a thing

Now that’s more interesting. Since I’m not so much into philosophy I’ve actually never heard of him before. But his ideas seems to be really interesting. I might give a shot. Thank you anon, you’ve been really helpful! 

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Anonymous: ok if not Nietshe this is weird but can u just write about urself and ur own veiws?idk surely that is as unique as it gets

It’s actually a group work, so I can’t offer myself for the other people in my group hah. But thank you anon, that’s actually a great idea, just not for this time :)

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Anonymous: Nietzshe - thus spake zarathustra

I was thinking about Nietzshe, but since it’s for my phylosophy lecture’s essay, I’m afraid that too many students are going to choose him, and I don’t want to write about someone that everyone else is writing about. 

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voryv: You're just too beautiful I'm impressed! xo

Why thank you x

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